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Any Port In A Storm
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Any Port in a Storm

Any Port in a Storm by John G Thurloe
Copyright 2017 Rep of Ireland

Sea and Clouds are in cahoots, sometimes.
Wind and Clouds conspire ignoring the waves, many times.

Waves are waiting for the waxing moon, impatiently, to pummel harder.
The World of Intelligence Communities, as Secret Services prefer to be seen,
adopted this paradigm from the beginning.

Alliances were formed and dissolve just to be rekindled
with ex-foes and discarded friends.

Opportune or opprobrium it serves politicians perfectly.
Directives and countermands in succession voids are created.

Filled by sub–alliances of same vein different name.
Nobody needs to know, nobody cares to know – nobody wants to know.

Entities with daring diligence, own agenda and undefined resources
are entering. Their mandate is to keep the fire burning.
Absorbing lack of logic and guidance thus facilitated by impetus.

Absorbing lack of logic and guidance thus facilitated by impetus.
Finding fault with everything not divulging the remedy.

To wit, the remedy formula is simmered daily anew in a huge caldron called secrecy.
Dispensed in spoons so no one could assay the essence.

Department chiefs and segment commanders aligning flow of directives respectively their interpretations.
Tough times for field operatives and spooks.

Quid pro quo could lead to great interactions or to bricolage.
In-house lingo for croppers.Gaffes are part of their lives, operational hazards.

Gaffes are part of their lives, operational hazards.
There are gaucheries and there are blunders.

First one could cause a slap on the wrist.
Relegated to some tedious desk in a boring section.

Blunders weighing heavier.

Over 200 Marines were blown up in a single incidence.
Liaison between two agencies didn’t work.

Section chief ignored faulty communication.
Relied too much on co-operation with higher echelons in lieu of local spooks.

Calling upon allies turns out to be dealing with quick sand.
Keep them close, be on their toes invariably they are curious.
An illusion that backfired.

Hitherto five agents of an extremely close US cohort doing long stints in US penitentiaries for espionage.

Who needs enemies with friends like that?
A little cog, a pawn, is in trouble

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