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Roy Beagley The Romance Hour

The Romance Hour

The Romance Hour with Roy Beagley, a blend of classics from the likes of Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitgerald with the contemporary talent of Adele, Christine Perri, Jason Mraz, Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran together with the classic love songs from the 70s, 80s and 90s presented in a laid back style where the music is the star of the show.

The show started nearly six years ago and each week blends the music of the classic love songs of the 50s and 60s with those of today's artists and the classic love songs from the 70s, 80s and 90s. The show is presented in a laid back style where the music is the key. Each show presents at least two songs back to back and as well as names listeners will recognize, Roy also throws in the occasional song from a new or unsigned artist. Each show contains anywhere from thirteen to sixteen songs, and Roy guarantees the audience will know most of them.

The show is recorded a few days before broadcast and may contain concert or tour information for the coming weeks. Roy connects with the audience in a very personal way and the program is perfect for evening and late night listening. Roy deliberately keeps his contributions low key saying "the music is the star of the show, not me." The program is dedicated to the memory of Ray Moore, a British DJ who died many years ago, but presented a late night weekend show that in turn inspired the Romance Hour.

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Roy was born in London, England, raised in the then Garden of England and currently lives in the United States.

He has been married for 25 years; has a cat called Birdie Num-Num and a wife called Elaine Tyson who presents a show called Covers.

Roy’s working background is not radio, it is publishing. He started at The Economist newspaper and has also worked at The Spectator magazine. Currently he runs his own company dealing with audience development and developing content.

The Romance Hour back in 2008 has been produced every week since then and he has never missed a show. The first show was dedicated to the memory of the late Ray Moore a presenter on the B.B.C. who presented a late-night weekend show full of the type of music found in the Romance Hour.

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