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Gonzo Gates - 90's Flashback

The 90's Flashback celebrates everything 90's

Return to the decade when Seinfeld, Friends, ER, The Drew Carey Show, and the X-Files were big on television. Jim Carrey, Adam, Sandler, and Chris Farley were box office magic. It was when Tom Hanks taught us life was like a box of chocolates in Forrest Gump, Dinasaurs lived in Jurassic Park, and the Titanic set box office records.

It was the decade Grunge music led to grunge fashions with flannel shirts and Doc Martens, Hip-Hop was becoming increasingly more popular and kids couldn't get enough of beanie babies, tickle me elmo, and tamagatchi.

Tuesdays: 3pm - 4:45pm (GMT)

Gonzo Gates is an award winning producer, writer, and host of a trio of great programs spanning three decades. It began nearly ten years ago with the "80’s Time Warp" a show dedicated to the love of all things 80’s. After a few years he added the daily segment the "80’s Time Warp". Shortly after that he created the "90’s Flashback" and "America’s Jukebox" to round out the program portfolio.

He also hosted a nightly 4 hour show titled "Gonzo Gates After Dark" which provided listeners with a variety of informative segments like believe it or not, today in history, and the ultimate trivia challenge.

2015 New York State Broadcasters Award Winner

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